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    Comprehensive SEO MAY 01, 2014  

    Advantages YouTube Offers Small Businesses

    Advantages YouTube Offers Small Businesses

    There are many ways in which to optimize your website effectively, using YouTube is unanimously one of the best methods available that all SEOs can agree on. What makes YouTube so valuable? What are the benefits YouTube can bring businesses?

    YouTube is a free source that is simple to use

    Not only YouTube does not cost, it is simple and one of the easiest uploads you available. The video will work on your site as well as on others as well as YouTube’s galleries. You can send it via emails as a link and have it work without an IT person on hand. There is no need for any special technical knowledge, you’re simply reading instructions. Editing, subtitles, comments and more are already provided, there’s no need for software.

    SEO friendly video content

    YouTube is owned by the largest search engine, it is easy to see why it would be SEO friendly also. It is viewed as quality content aimed at illustrating a product or service visually, adding functionality and value to the particular website. You can also add content through your video’s script which is crawled and helps categorize it properly, have discussions such as blogs or comments attached. All comments and blog entries will go to your email awaiting your approval prior to being posted.

    Video marketing

    When writing text, clearly communicating to a reading audience takes skill. Add to that the challenge of trying to get a visitor’s attention thought text, and even more difficult keeping it. There are large number of consumers which have difficulty with understanding written text and others which simply prefer watching over reading. YouTube’s videos are watched over three million times per month.

    Presentation and education

    Illustration are easier to watch than to read. For many, it is easier to record video than to write instructions. New, never seen products and education can be challenging to picture when in written text form. Visualizing can cater to a much larger audience.

    Does not require any additional bandwidth

    YouTube takes a lot of the worries out of using videos online. There is no additional bandwidth required of you or your visitors. No need to be concerned about whether it will work when sent attached to emails, viewed with different operating systems or mobile users.

    Customer service

    Video product support, easy step by step instructions and troubleshooting are just a few examples of how your customers can be better serviced. YouTube will help by engaging your customers with visual interaction. Shared videos are one of the most shared types of content.

    YouTube is an advantage which small businesses have on a level playing field, it is powerful and little to no cost. The online market place has given a great deal of opportunities to many smaller businesses to succeed with less. YouTube is an ideal example of this advantage offered by the internet to any person or company willing to put in the effort and use a powerful marketing tool without high costs or IT staff.ideal example of this advantage offered by the internet to any person or company willing to put in the effort and use a powerful marketing tool without high costs or IT staff.

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