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    Comprehensive SEO AUG 12, 2013  

    Changes In The Web Market Affecting Small Shops and Businesses

    Recently, we have seen changes in our financial and banking industry, housing market, economy and credit “un”-availability. The online market has experienced its own transition. Gone are the days where a business could get away with not having a professionally developed website. As websites are expected to perform specific functions, consumers will ask to book appointments, see inventory, prices, services, see menus, map your location and more depending on your industry needs. Lacking a website and not offering common frequently used functions can be embarrassing to your business. Even worse, an amateur looking website can hurt your businesses’ credibility as consumer demands increase.

    While some smaller businesses have be contemplating tapping into the online market, website development has gone through some drastic transformations. Mobile devices are more commonly used to find a business. Laptops are being replaced by smart phones and tablets. Various web apps and functions are available for a multitude of tasks advancing businesses and industries online. As search engine algorithms and the web environment change constantly, there are numerous important factors that influence a new age of website development. How does a company compete online in a market flooded with so many other websites? The answer is Search Engine Optimization! An effective search engine optimization campaign would put a company online where customers can find it where your services can be looked over and your products can be purchased. The challenge is having your website visible in the first place. Optimization strategies change much faster than regular market trends. Algorithms used by search engines are constantly being updated. Your business can be on top of listings one day and disappear then next, or worse, never have ranked to begin with.

    The importance of a professionally optimized website are easy to see. Most business owners are not well familiar with effective optimization implementation. How does an entrepreneur in a field unrelated to technology know how to do all the right things necessary to compete online? The simple answer is that they hire a professional developers that specialize in optimizing a business website comprehensively from A through Z. Most business owners are not aware or up to date with the latest optimization tools and designs available in addition to being proficient in their proper implementation.

    The following are six common misconceptions involving development of a business website:

    1. Customized websites are expensive

    2. Optimization is guesswork

    3. A small business website can’t compete against larger entities online

    4. I may not see returns for a long time

    5. Maintaining an effective website online is time consuming

    6. The online market is too flooded and competitive

    Some of these issues may have been true in the past, but are mostly inaccurate today. To tackle these points, here are a few answers that explain why these are presently simple misconceptions. 1. New developing technologies have lowered the cost of high quality effective optimization.

    2. Optimization is not guesswork if you have years of experience in all aspects of website development and marketing. A good test of the optimization strategies is by requesting a full website analysis from the service you have selected to use.

    3. Small companies can better compete with larger entities in the online market space versus traditional brick and mortar stores. The typical online business does not have the same issues dealing with the budget necessary for a larger store space, location, staff, marketing campaign and more.

    4. Search engine crawlers index sites faster now than ever before due to better automation. The back log of indexing is not an issue as it used to be where crawlers were not as efficient in reviewing individual websites and ranking them.

    5. The maintenance of a website can be lessened with the right design and development. A professional designer can create a top performing website without high maintenance requirements utilizing the latest optimization and programming tools presently available. A comprehensive optimization service can not only create the website, but can take charge of the maintenance and upkeep as well. In most cases, the time spent by a business owner in dealing with various website upkeep issues is not feasible. A comprehensive service has the latest software and the proficiency in dealing with maintenance that can be challenging to an entrepreneur. This also includes updating a company website to contain the best optimization and content currently available in competing with others in the online market.

    6. There are more websites than ever before, but this fact does not necessarily need to be a challenge. As the competition has increased, so has the quality. Quality high performing websites are not created with merely a larger budget, but with the most efficient design, development and content.

    Professional website builders are becoming the norm for even tech savvy entrepreneurs. To succeed, you need to make your website better than your competitors! The simple answer is to leave it to professionals that are proficient in creating a successful online business.

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