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    Comprehensive SEO NOV 30, 2013  

    Competing in Santa Barbara

    Internet marketing is highly competitive with new technological advancements playing a major role in development and success on a regular basis. However, how does this affect your particular website and its own success?

    If your business relies on the local environment and economy, chose an SEO company that is local also. If you have a business in Santa Barbara, comprehensive seo can provide insight as it is a Santa Barbara based company operating and marketing itself in a similar environment.

    The internet allows for the implementation of many new advancements quickly and efficiently. Outdated websites lagging behind in content and design are not only noticed by search engine crawlers, but by site visitors also and their experience. The more advancements and new methods, the easier the outdated portions of your websites can be seen. Crawlers expect a website to be updated as it shows it is well maintained and up to date. Any new website can come on the market, implement better content and pass others up in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings.

    There are few reasons why websites are not regularly updated, some of them are simply myths. It is not as costly as many think. The cost depends a lot on what the website already contains and what it will need, which a free web content analysis can reveal. The return on investment can be fast with traffic noticeably increased in a relatively short period of time. Another myth is that you need to find time to get around to it. Not necessarily! The project and all of its work can be virtually hands off and be given entirely to the developers to complete. Depending the on the amount of work, the turn around time can also be less than most believe. 'I had my website created within the past year, therefore it is up to date' is a myth also. Technological advancements can occur anytime. Some new advancement are more profound than others and be very important. This can occur at anytime, even soon after your website is created. In addition, many new websites did not initially implement all available effective content and design due to keeping early development costs low.

    How can the individual small company website owner in Santa Barbara know when it is time to update? Traffic is always a good measure of how effective your website is. Knowing why your traffic is low can be very illusive, misleading, filled with assumptions and confusion. You can look at the competition which is doing better and try to figure out why they're getting more traffic. You can look at new algorithm changes that may affect your website. You can look up errors, white-hat implementation and the design capabilities. The first step is realize that something needs to be done, probably by professionals.

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