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    Comprehensive SEO NOV 24, 2013  

    Designing The Webpage Message

    A website’s design can serve several purposes benefiting a small business when properly implemented. The message a website projects initially is though their design. All the great content that has been produced will have little effect on your traffic with poorly designed pages. Looking past the visible design layout, the purpose of the website is sometimes diminished due to deficient designs. Whether a company is providing a service or a product, businesses will have a main purpose for their visitors. To cut down on visitor’s confusion, a webpage should have a focused main purpose while projecting it as clearly and quickly as possible.

    These are some of the basic elements of an effective design.

    Each individual page should present visitors with a call to action: This means having the webpage to get the visitor to take some sort of action whether it being purchasing, researching, blogging, posts, bidding and more.

    Simplify the page by getting rid of clutter: A page can easily get cluttered and negatively affect visitor experience. A simple design should offer easy navigation and a single easy to see purpose.

    Professionally designed logo: When working to develop a website, many lose the sense of the first impression the webpage presents. The logo image should link back to your home page.

    Design all pages: When designing webpages, most of the work tends to go to the home page as if visitors will always begin there. A visitor can land on any of your pages first, therefore, designing all pages as landing pages is important.

    Universal fonts: While some fonts look great on while developing on a desktop, they don’t necessarily look the same on a mobile device. Make sure the fonts on webpages work universally. The same goes for the other elements of the website, white space and so forth. Make sure they conform well to mobile devises and look the way they were intended.

    Quality of images are important: Images convey a visual message. The message should be clear and presented in high quality as they make a big impression for the amount of page space they take. Unique images can be purchased as well as produced with a professional photographer. Sizing of the image/photo is also very important to webpage balance.

    Three main colors: Select three main colors that will be present throughout webpages. Various colors tend to be unnecessary and distracting to visitors.

    The point is not cover what goes into a successful design, but to show the importance, role and the influence the site’s design can have. There are many other steps which can be easily found online, much of it similar to the aforementioned helpful tips, meaning they’re basic general strategies. The designer must be familiar with the site’s goals and manually implement designs unique to the individual business. The simple solution is to request a design analysis to see if there are flaws found throughout your webpages, how they can be improved and why. A business website is developed to compete with others, doing the same level of work as the others will only blend you into a crowd. A professional design specific to your company will set you apart and above the crowded environment.

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