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    Comprehensive SEO OCT 1, 2013  

    Developing Successful Local Restaurant Websites

    Creating a successful website which promotes a local restaurants has its dos and don’ts. Many of these dos and don’ts are not known by restaurant owners unfamiliar with the online market and promotion. The online marketplace for restaurants is quite different from companies that sell products through their websites or professional services such as plumbers, accountants and so forth. Visitors looking for a place to gather and eat are drastically different. Having your address appear in flash is just one example of a mistake when building a website for restaurants. The problem is that the address can't be copied and put into a map in order to get directions. Mapping the location should be specially easy in restaurant websites as it is one of the most popular functions sought by visitors. Unless you're a chain, you need to show the ambiance and dinning environment of the establishment. The food photography must be spectacular!! This is too important do cut corners in. Get the best food photography you can find and afford. Of course everyone knows about social networks, but do they know how to implement it. The first place that comes to mind when mentioning social networks is Facebook. Yes, that can definitely work, it's an easy platform with little work. However, Facebook may not be the best social network site for a restaurant's business. There are social networks which can bring in organizers and their members to your establishment quickly. Does your website attract organizers? Social group organizers are on the lookout for places and things to do for their members. The organizer's goal is to find venues for their members to enjoy a wide variety of activities, including dining being one of their most popular events. A single organizer can fill up your tables for a specified time period. Organizers will have a set time and a good idea of how many of their members will be attending. This is a big help to a restaurant's management.

    Coupons are a great attraction when used properly. Offering discounts to everyone will still have you in a very competitive field. Even worse, a good number of people utilizing the discount would have eaten there regardless, they just get to do it for less money. However, discounts to group organizers is completely different. Your incentive is directly bringing in a specific number of people at a specific time. Your website can promote this type of activity by enticing group organizers directly. This can be as simple as facilitating online reservations, easy or instant access to online mapping and directions, specific group discounts, on the go/mobile friendly pages, photos clearly presenting the type of environment, a place where customers can post their own photos, parking information, menu, forms of payment accepted and more. Building a restaurant website is a specialty on its own. Trial and error is a great teacher but a steep price to pay which can end up costing you the business.

    Look at the competition in your area and other similar areas as well. Are you able to see what they all have in common, which are successful and why? These are questions to ask before deciding whether to use professional services to develop your website or to do it yourself.

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