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    Comprehensive SEO MAR 26, 2014  

    Doorway Websites

    Search engine optimization is aimed at implementing the most effective methods in order to beat competitors in any market space online. Using multiple domains for the purpose of re-directing traffic to the same page(s) are called doorway pages, (also called jump, domain entry, external gateway, portal, front-door and bridge pages). This occurs when the search engine displays the top ranking organically listed pages, each with different domains and webpages. Once the visitor clicks and enters the doorway website from the search engine results, they enter a site which is usually a single page, poorly developed that is listing products, images, links or any content directing the visitor to a different external website. There can be as many of these domains redirecting traffic to the same website as the developer chooses.

    Implementing this tactic can be highly detrimental to your own main website and domain! “Why?“ is the first question that gets asked after this issue is brought to conversation, followed by even more questions. The simple answer is that this tactic is aimed at tricking the system (search engine algorithms). Why is it still implemented? It is easy to see that this tactic is still utilized when browsing the web, while it is frustrating to search engines as well as the individual user. Some companies get away with it longer than others. Getting caught or flagged depends on several factors, one of which is other competitors reporting the site. Competitors can alert search engines as to any sites using this method in effort to gather clicks. Frustrated users can also take part by reporting low quality redirecting websites. Once browsers label your website as low quality or trying to game its system in any way, your domain and its business can be difficult or impossible to find under that same domain.

    Instead, develop quality sub-domain pages which direct traffic to any part of your site you choose. This is where your domain is always present at the end of any product or service name, description or brand. For example, wants to expand its website and spin off their services in various specific areas of the state, wanting the URLs to reflect each city it will be servicing, such as

    The right developers makes a big the difference when it comes to the success of your online business. Implementing new optimization methods ahead of the curve is a big plus, but, it must be done properly and ethically. Unethical methods developed to trick search engines can mean the end of your online business with that particular domain name suddenly and quickly.

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