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    Comprehensive SEO JAN 10, 2014  

    Harmful Common SEO Tactics

    A business owner which relies on its website’s commerce will be barraged with plenty of Search Engine Optimization tactics promising to be beneficial, and a large number claiming to be essential to success. These tactics are not always beneficial as they seem, and in turn can signal to search engines in being just tricky old tactics to gain traffic. Many methods used in the past to gain traffic, links, submissions, articles and directory listing are not only antiquated, but harmful enough to get flagged by search engines until fixed. Search engines strive to rank the best quality website containing natural and unique content. Directory or article submissions, press release distribution, social bookmarking, online classified listings, blog postings and many other so called effective methods are actually harming sites without any clear signals.

    If it is not natural, Google and other search engines algorithms can easily recognize and penalize your website. Search engines have come a long way and greatly improved their complex algorithms to avoid being “tricked”. Web optimization companies still provide many of these services to small unsuspecting businesses and their operators that are not familiar with current SEO dos and don’ts. Manual submissions, articles and similar tactics are an easy to implement and a effective income stream for the company providing them only, while the website seems to chase its tail by introducing more ineffective methods.

    A quality website does not need to have their content manually submitted or distributed, specially to low quality easy to get in publications. Search engines have always pushed for quality unique content which visitors can use. Other signals of a quality website is not directly under SEO’s control such as traffic and its bounce rates, navigation to visit other pages by users and time spent on each page accessing useful content. Search engines constantly aim to improve visitor experience making it their primary goal.

    It can be confusing to clearly see which SEO methods can be effective and which can be damaging with a convincing sales pitch. Many small business owners are not sure of the effects or successes prior to requesting these tactics. Generic SEO services may very well be aware of the effects but still implement them due to its steady revenue. As a business owner with limited or no algorithm insight, it is still easy to see which are ineffective faulty methods. Think of what positive effect on the user your content will have, why would someone link to your website, why would they stay, and what are they getting not necessarily for free but that is useful. It is easy to see why manual submissions are not a signal of quality, but only that you have used an SEO service.

    Comprehensiveseo is diligent in employing optimization methods that are unique to your business and specific commerce. An effective approach begins with an analysis which is more in depth than generic “one size fits all” tactics that are standard responses to all websites and industries. By requesting our comprehensive optimization analysis, differences in the work and implementation from other generic methods are noticeably different and effective.

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