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    Comprehensive SEO AUG 20, 2013  

    Putting Your Business Idea To Work With a Pilot Website

    For every lucrative successful business idea, there are many individuals on the sidelines claiming 'that was my idea', 'I already thought of that', 'I came up with that a long time ago'. The difference between the two is one individual executed on their idea the while others did not. What both have in common is that they each had an idea they believed would work. When entrepreneurs begin to figure out the investment of time and ammount of money required, they start to contemplate whether to go forward with the idea or not. With just about anyone being able to created and launch a website online, some of these concerns seem to have been alleviated. Or have they? In reality, launching a website is not enough to have a good idea become a successful business. Even some of the best products can easily flop in various markets online as so many have.

    Before taking the leap and investing the required time and money, there are a few steps you can take to find out about how well your idea will do once on the market. An idea can seek branding before building. You can see whether the market exists and to what extent. Will you need a physical location, or is it possible to avoid paying for retail space and still deliver your product or service? Test the online demand, see analytical results of your clientele that would purchase your product(s). Compare market trends against your product. Launch an Adwords campaign, test conversion rates and book pre-orders. Accurately define your market, competition and customer profile. There are a many indications about a product that can be uncovered with an effective pilot website.

    If you are confident about your business idea, introducing it to the market through a customized website can a wealth of information lessening greater investment risks. Considering today’s business environment, most companies would need to create a website regardless. Pilot websites are a low limited risk approach which an individual can take to see their business idea at work before further investment in launching a company. In part, the investment of creating a website to pilot your product depends on the competition, necessary custom page designs, implementation and content. A simple low cost website can be just as effective, gain rank, contain unique content, offer information not found anywhere else and capitalize on a niche market.

    Depending on the product or service, most start up business ideas will not encounter much competition initially. This allows results of market feedback to be sooner than most people believe it to be. As search engine indexing methods have improved, a website’s performance can begin to show results in a matter of days following its completion. If you have an already existing inventory or are able to provide the product or service immediately to your customers, the website can in turn pay for itself. If your idea is successful, your website is scalable to expansion while it is already ranking. You can introduce other new items or link to other product lines. You will not only have a successful product, your website is also an asset and so is its traffic. Similar to having a store front with its location largely contributing to its success with foot traffic or advertising. However, you are in control of your website’s future while a physical location is usually is not due to terms of the lease. Once a successful website is created, it is yours without the typical storefront strings attached. Entrepreneurs do not need to be tech savvy, and most are not when it comes to building an effective website. They don’t need to be. An in-house web developer is too costly when initially starting out. With little startup money, a business idea can be put to work by simply hiring the right small business SEO company which can create a pilot website for your product. Many make the mistake of hiring the wrong SEO service. Referrals from peers are helpful, but do they serve your specific needs? History and performance of websites developed by the SEO service should be used as reference. Look into how successful the websites they have created in the past are and why? How well are their past clients ranking? Are they specialized in developing a brand or product? Without a large investment, you can put your idea online and see it work.

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