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    Comprehensive SEO AUG 26, 2013  

    Questions To Ask When Looking For SEO Services

    When it comes online visibility, such as in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) organic listings, search engine optimization is a root factor in determining the websites' ranking. 40% of all browsers online click on the first organic link listed in the search results. A truly simple business plan, that is sure to succeed. The challenge begins when the first question asked 'how do we get on the first page?'. With a quick query online, answers start popping up. Some make perfect sense, others don't seem to answer the question, a few are saying the same thing that Google has published for a long time. As you start looking for more specific answers, you begin to think that maybe it's better to leave it to professionals. After all, most business men and women are not website optimization experts. So which service is the best one for my business? Here are some questions that prospective client can ask of the firms they contemplating to hire.

    Please show me examples of websites which you have produced that are high ranking?

    Which directories am I going to be appearing in?

    Can I see some of your published work such as articles and blog entries?

    What is causing my top competitors to rank high?

    Can you give me some examples of what would help my website gain rank?

    Where can I see examples of the content you have produced?

    What is your strategy pertaining to link building?

    How much does the client and SEO work with each other?

    Are the results guaranteed?

    What has been the most successful SEO strategy?

    The answers should not be difficult for SEO firms to answer nor to verify. This is a check on the service you're looking to hire. You can submit these questions to several firms at the same time and see the answers. Make the SEO firm prove the work they've done in the past. A number of SEO companies take short cuts, produce low quality content, list in worthless directories, utilize automated submissions, link to poor low quality backlinks and more. It is not difficult for any SEO company to take the work and send it to sources overseas. How is someone in a foreign country going to relate to your customers? There is no way around producing quality content without the right staff. You have to be able to clearly communicate with the target visitor through your content. Going beyond content and submission issues, look at end results. Guaranteeing results in organics is a huge red flag. There's no such secret method guaranteeing a top spot in organic/natural listings. Look for clear strategies the firm utilized which has lead their clients to succeed. Their assessment of your website and what it will need should be free of charge. Compare what they are saying about your website when compared to why the top ranking company is placed there. Link building strategies is a slow process that takes work. Automatic requests rarely succeed and may even flag your site as spam. Backlinks are earned by being valuable to another well ranking website that can benefit from your content. This is the reason search engines have a high regard for backlinks. The SEO firm's staff working on your website should be able to consult with you. They should use feedback and customize the website specific to your business. As the famous saying goes 'trust but verify', these answers should not be difficult to look into and very well worth the time investment.

    Some of the things to watch out for are:

    Poorly written and produced content

    Automatic high number of submissions

    Unknown SEO driven directories

    Unrelated low quality back links

    Lack of SEO methods pertaining to your specific business

    Discourages working with client or lacks the capability

    Clear plan and objectives

    Choosing the right SEO firm is important. The wrong services using outdated strategies, low quality content producers and other forms of short cuts can damage your website's reputation and leave you penalized by search engines. This is a major setback when you are looking to building an online business or even worse if you have an already existing website which is now penalized.

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