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    Comprehensive SEO SEPT 04, 2013  

    The Cost of Building Your Own Website

    Comparing the cost building your own website versus hiring a professional service

    The initial cost of building a website is straight forward. You will need a domain name, cost around $12 to $15 (yearly), a template that will cost approximately $100 to $150, site builder software $50 to $400 (more for professional level capabilities), and webhosting close to $10 per month. Many of these services are bundled and offered together as a package. However, is that the true total final cost? If you were done building your website up to this point, the costs is plain and simple at around $200. But, you only have a blank canvas and not much else. The greater cost of building a website has not begun yet. You will need to create content, design the pages, implement feeds, build links and more.

    Once the framework has been set up, the website will require a work. This is where its budgeting comes into play. So, how much will it cost to have the necessary work done for a completed functional website? It is not that difficult to come up with the total cost once you know what is needed for your specific website. This is why SEO companies can offer free analysis and cost estimates. Once a plan to build the website is created, the costs can be figured out and the required budget outlined. What you still need to think about is how and where to get the work done. Is it better to do it yourself or use a web development and SEO company?

    Here are a few helpful questions to start. How much time and skill do you have to build a website? Are you familiar with various applications, software and optimization methods? There is a certain amount of work that a website will need to compete. Most business owners, even with the spare time, do not have the skill or knowledge to build a professional website, specially in the current competitive online market. The industry, competition, product and your specific business needs overall play a large role in determining what is required for a high ranking website. First step is to request a free analysis and quote and have something to compare to doing it yourself. You will need to put in the time or to pay someone else to develop the content, design the pages, implement feeds and more. What you will be putting in your pages is not enough. Before producing content, you will need to do proper keyword/phrase research. Just as with content, you will need to do this yourself or hire someone to do it. You will need to step up the skill level for a professional business website in competitive industries. Many do it yourselfers are finding themselves stumped as to why their website that was doing well is no longer performing the same. This is in large part due to increased online competition. Add to that a wealth of new technology and the fact that websites are expected to do a lot more than before, it is imperative to take your skill level, learning curve and time into consideration. It can easily cost you more do to your own site rather than hiring an SEO service and you may end up going to them regardless. Most of the work that SEOs and developers get is from already existing websites. The website is created and there’s no traffic! The owner of the website has tried a few different approaches here and there, but still, no success. Then, it’s time to see a professional.

    All you need is to find the right service. If they’re all effective, why isn’t everyone ranking high with plenty of traffic? That’s because of several key factors. One is that many business owners will look for the least expensive service, and end up with what they paid for. Bargain shopping for web optimization and development is not a good approach. Some firms will outsource and use less expensive content builders and developers from overseas. Others will mostly work on the design, but will emphasize less on quality time consuming content and use methods that require less work. If your business is in a competitive field, this can be an even bigger factor. It is not difficult to find the right SEO firm. Begin with looking at the free analysis that you have been provided from the firm. The analysis should clearly mention where your website is lacking. It should reflect research that was done in producing the analysis. Once you have decided on a firm to hire, a few issues need to be addressed. Is it specific to your industry? What are the top keywords and why? Is everything necessary to produce a successful website included in the analysis? You can tell a lot from a service’s take on what they need to do for your website. Does it look like just simple generic white hat SEO tactics. Does the analysis contain SEO methods not specific to your industry? Are the methods mentioned in the analysis generally broad? These are some of the questions to keep in mind when you begin looking. While there is no guarantee as to how your website will perform once launched, you can the depth of the work beforehand.

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