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    Comprehensive SEO FEB 28, 2014  

    Website Integrity Maintenance

    Remember to Schedule your Routine Website Integrity Maintenance Checkup!

    Now a days maintaining the integrity and reliability of your website is just as important as monitoring your credit. it's extremely vital for small business owners to regularly check the quality and content of any website bearing their logo, ensuring you're aware of what is actually being promoted to potential or existing customers. This can be achieved simply by practicing a routine maintenance program on your website. Think of it just like regularly checking the oil level on a car. Regardless if you have a new car with all the modern functions, buttons, and systems checks that are supposed to alert you if anything is amiss or if you have an older car without a single working gauge or indicator. Sometimes it's just good to get under the hood and see for yourself what's going on.

    Many small business owners built their own website using Wordpress or other similar software. In a lot of instances the site was created and then essentially forgotten. Meaning the website may be live online but hasn't had an engine-inspection or been internally reviewed since its inception. Recently Comprehensive SEO has seen an increased appearance of subtle spamming hack attacks on smaller individually maintained business websites. This kind of attack can result in a steady decline of once good search engine result rankings.

    The offending spam attacks were oftentimes discovered during our free initial website analysis for clients. We are able to identify the increased vulnerability risks through our professional knowhow and experience using our proprietary softwares. We are able to remedy the security breeches by 'sanitizing' a site or user's server that may have been breeched. Another SEO service option we offer is to transfer an existing website to a new secure server, after the infected website has been quarantined and eradicated of any potentially hazardous code or spam-injections.

    Over just the past few years there has been an exponential evolution in the sophistication of methodology, equipment, and delivery systems for infection by these uninvited hackers. Previous server breeches were achieved by technological brute force so to speak. This kind of attack was often immediately evident and could include the ominous 'denial of server', phishing scams, or simply the good old fashioned annoying ad-attack-spam. The latter are the most known hack attack infusions, which consists of annoying non-contextual ads that often display inappropriate or irrelevant content regardless of the publishing websites' intentions.

    By simply viewing the source code for your website, which can usually be viewed in most browsers, oftentimes you'll be able to see if anything seems off just by using the observational powers of the naked eye. For example if there's suddenly a new line of code that doesn't belong or suddenly you have a sudden injection of random website addresses and irrelevant content popping up in your source code. Of course some websites are more advanced, utilizing multiple coding languages or software platforms, and the everyday business owner doesn't have the time to oversee this sort of minute detail. If you can't do it yourself, have your website checked by a professional SEO company or use advanced software to analyze your site for attacks on your server. This analysis should be able to target and isolate any malicious hack attacks or spam injection codes piggybacking on your website. If you have any questions contact a knowledgable SEO company, if they're good at what they do they should be able to point you in the right direction on how to address the problem and give you suggestions on implementation of spam-blocking strategies for the future.

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