Maintaining High Ranking Webpages

Staying on top of organic listings is even more challenging than getting there.

Maintaining high ranking webpages on the net is a continual challenge facing businesses trying to succeed online. We are well experienced in making sure your website maintains its top ranking before, during and after periodic search engine algorithmic changes which routinely impact a website's online visibility.
We can closely monitor your site's ranking as well as other top companies within your industry. By implementing current strategies and a steady stream of improvements to your site's design, development and high quality content, you will be able to regularly maintain a high ranking organic placement above your competitors.
Our site plan and design aims to stay ahead of the technological curve with the most up to date beneficial SEO practices. We take a proactive approach by formulating a plan ahead of time to boost your site ahead of all others. By properly employing exemplary SEO strategies, we are confident in achieving the highest rate of return and success from our client's online marketing investment.

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Related Questions and Answers

Q: How do I get external links coming to my web site?
by trey
A: When other websites find your content, products or services valuable to them, they will link to you. This encourages high quality content to browsers as well. This is one of the best reasons to have your website provide useful information as it will benefit everyone but your competitors.
by admin

Q: Why is there an emphasis on local searches?
by janet solis
A: Local searches add relevancy to queries. Imagine you’re looking for a plumber or a service offered in your area or a particular store you can go to, the one that is most likely to appear in your search results may be the one with the best website but too far to reach. This does not help the person making the query. When looking for services, most people put in their location, such as “New York deli”, they are only looking for the one that can offer more than simply a website or information about the product or service, they will need to go to a physical location or it will be worthless to them. In the case of a plumber, if the query is simply the keyword “plumber” you will probably get results of the company with the best website and optimization. Since this is not helpful to the person browsing, search engines will geographically try to locate results that would be most relevant. Some call it “geo-targeting”. Search engines in through several methods can tell where the search is originating, whether through your ISP, search history or other methods available by collected data. Thereafter, will apply location data to the query and provide the best results for available. This helps both the consumer as well as the business owner. If you have a business that caters to your area only, you don’t want national chains for example that do not have a store nearby appearing. It is also easier to optimize for a particular local smaller area as search engines give priority based on location when applicable not to mention less competition. You can start with your tags to include your location. The more precise to the location the better. A mistake made by some websites is that in efforts to broaden their exposure, they will aim for the entire county. This may work in smaller counties where you are probably the only or one of the few services or products that are available. But in many cases such as Los Angeles, this can mean the entire county. A better approach would be to optimize for the city of Los Angeles or one of its many cities within. Even when picking a domain, you may consider putting the city’s name. The same goes for provinces, parishes, unincorporated areas and communities. The name of an event or attraction can work in the same manner. If a popular band is on tour and its promoters have decided to build a website, the city’s name is not as important as the event itself. Browsers will simply put the band’s name and see where they are performing once they’ve accessed the site.
by admn

Q: Won't my site eventually improve its web presence over time regardless?
by alex
A: Unfortunately no. It can actually work against your web visibility prospects in some ways. If your content is not kept up, your site will seem to not have anything new to offer your visitors. Search engines will be able to notice this easily and quickly with their crawlers.
by admin

Q: Is constantly working on your site required to maintaining high ranking?
by lance
A: One of the challenges in successfully creating high traffic is maintaining a high rank. It is part of staying competitive and on top of the market. As with many other businesses, online or traditional brick and mortar stores, industries change on a regular basis. This is even more the case with web businesses that strive to stay ahead of the pack.
by admin


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Search engine optimization is aimed at implementing the most effective methods in order to beat competitors in any market space online. Using multiple domains for the purpose of re-directing traffic to the same page(s) are called doorway pages, (also called jump, domain entry, external gateway, portal, front-door and bridge pages). More

Website Integrity Maintenance
Now a days maintaining the integrity and reliability of your website is just as important as monitoring your credit. it's extremely vital for small business owners to regularly check the quality and content of any website bearing their logo, ensuring you're aware of what is actually being promoted to potential or existing customers. More

Harmful Common SEO Tactics
A business owner which relies on its website’s commerce will be barraged with plenty of Search Engine Optimization tactics promising to be beneficial, and a large number claiming to be essential to success. These tactics are not always beneficial as they seem, and in turn can signal to search engines in being just tricky old tactics to gain traffic. More

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When you have a fully optimized website, you expect to get a certain amount of traffic and rank successfully on organic search engine result pages (SERPs). A website’s effective design and content can promote low bounce rates. More

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Questions To Ask When Looking For SEO Services
When it comes online visibility, such as in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) organic listings, search engine optimization is a root factor in determining the websites' ranking. 40% of all browsers online click on the first organic link listed in the search results. A truly simple business plan, that is sure to succeed. More

Putting Your Business Idea To Work With a Pilot Website
For every lucrative successful business idea, there are many individuals on the sidelines claiming 'that was my idea', 'I already thought of that', 'I came up with that a long time ago. The difference between the two is one individual executed on their idea the while others did not. More

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The Effect of E-Commerce On Santa Barbara's Small Businesses
Santa Barbara has a population of approximately 90,000 residents. It is also visited by a large number of tourists on weekends and holidays. The most common known retail market place for the city is State St., where many shops and restaurants are located and draw larger foot traffic. More

Google Indexing All Links In Their Browser
As we expected, Google has lately begun to crawl and index any URL in their chrome browser. This is also most likely occurring with Firefox. Therefore, we suggest strongly the use of the meta NOINDEX on any page that you don't want search engines to see. More


Our Updates

We keep track of all Google algorithm changes and anticipate all regular updates

Thanks to our experienced algorithm team and proven proprietary methods, we are able to monitor future updates and changes from Google and have our clients prepared well in advance. Our latest update was for Panda #25 on March 2013. We expect next major updates to occur on the ninth of June and will be a Multi-week rollout according to Matt Cutts head of the webspam team at Google. Please leave us your email address to receive new updates from our experienced algorithm team.