Creation of SEO Strategies and Plan

A clear blueprint to your website's successful search engine optimization campaign

An effective plan when created by experienced knowledgeable developers will present strategies that are curtailed to a website’s online success. This s an essential step in being able to design webpages that meet your goals, increase traffic in your online industry, rank better than competitors in similar markets and produce a long term successful website.
There are many factors which go into a successful website gathering quality traffic to its pages. As multitudes of SEO methods work perfectly for some, they may not have the same positive effect for others, and in turn can hurt ranking when not implemented properly. As the majority of websites implement their optimization strategies, many tend to get lost and still rank low amongst the larger sites developed by professionals. Although all the proper optimization methods have been utilized, you can still find your site not performing as expected. This occurs particularly in highly competitive markets.
Most small companies do not employ in-house personnel which are experts in a specific industry as well as site development. Without the proper implementation, results can lack the best approach possible that is specific to the individual business and setting them apart from the masses using only generic universal SEO concepts. We develop individual plans which go beyond a generic approach by presenting strategies specific to your industry, market, clientele, products, services and company.
A comprehensive and effective plan requires examining all aspects of a site's optimization, A through Z. This includes all contents on your pages, design, functionality, broad exposure, organic visibility and much more. With a clear outlined plan, you can clearly see what is keeping your present site low in rankings and under performing.
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Related Questions and Answers

Q: Business to business websites, B2B e-commerce customization benefits.
by publicquery
A: As more and more retail companies rely on their online business, so are a large number of wholesalers. If a wholesaler is already well branded, an outdated or poorly designed website can quickly project a negative impression. It is worse if you’re not recognized by a brand. A B2B website deals with professionals on both ends. There are high expectations when a website is geared toward visitors familiar with the product. B2B design come in a great number of varieties depending on the industry, end user and specific products requirements. Industrial looking sites are not relevant to many business models. Factors to take into consideration include a site's ability to generate leads, provide education, customized ordering, delivery and payment process, directory of dealers with interactive links, international/global markets, customer and sales rep. site tools and accounts, online brochures, corporate social networking, blogs, broker portals, infomediary, brand enhancement and others depending on the business. Mobile development for an e-commerce website is essential as tablets and smart phones’ popularity is increasing amongst wholesale customers as well as retail customers due to its practicality and efficiency. Sales representative tools provided on B2B websites are sometimes necessary. This is a valuable tool avenue that can be customized to show your inventory, forms and requirement, customer data, service models, price increments, broker pages, product listings, procurement and more. This is a typical reason why scalability is more important to wholesalers. B2B companies are dedicated to efficiency which can mean better support for their sales force and clients. Vertical industry portals (Vortals) data from researches conducted, e-letters (electronic newsletters), statistical data and similar particular industry tools can made available from a scalable site. Proper directory listings of B2B e-commerce. Trade directory categories can be beneficial by allowing retailers to find you and by search engines correct placement. Directories, when properly listed, are often used as an SEO tool. Search engines consider reputable directories as one of their criteria when categorizing their own listings. It is a big optimization plus for your site to gain online visibility and quality clicks from better targeted visitors. Due to increased online competition, improved technology, wider usage and its efficiency benefits, a B2B website is technologically developing faster than consumer based websites. It can act similar to a sales force with full and constant access to vendors. Customization due to contracts, shipping requirements of imports and exports and scalability, remote capability, integration and applications can be implemented with a B2B design. The most effective approach is a combination of working along with client's input, specific industry know-how, experienced website development and effective page designs. It is important to lay out a comprehensive plan from the start to customize a B2B website design.
by admn

Q: What are the effects of local search results to a web based business?
by frank
A: To some this is new and others claim to have known about this all along. Search engines make their best efforts to provide their users the most relevant search results. This includes queries looking for a local as businesses, company or services. You can target customers in your city with the proper optimization such as your tags which lets search engines know your business is catering primarily to a specific area. When a browser is looking for a barber shop, they will enter the city along with the keyword. National chains can have top quality websites, but search engines prefer to leave them out of top results if there is no local branch.
by tt

Q: What is your turn around time?
by jeff
A: This mostly depends on the size of your site, how much work it will require and the type of content. These factors are out of our control, however, we will not put your site aside waiting for development. We have a staff of experienced web developers which will work on your site until all work is complete and to a high standard.
by admin

Q: How specific is the plan I will receive? How familiar with websites and optimization do I need to be to understand a comprehensive plan?
by peppe_111
A: We have clients of all levels, from individual sole proprietors that are just tapping into the web market to companies that have their own i-house tech staff. We work with our clients and offer options that are not only feasible, but that they can easily understand. There is no use to providing a great plan if the client does not understand it.
by admin


Latest News From Comprehensive SEO

With a constant stream of new events surrounding Google's algorithm Panda and Penguin updates, Yahoo's and Bing's changes, staying informed with current developments can be very helpful to any company relying on their online business. This is not to say that one single source is the best approach, however, if you are looking for the latest news developments surrounding Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we strive to provide the most current news and events found online that keeps website developers informed.

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Mobile Device Websites
Nearly all businesses today maintain an active website which represent their products or services online in some form or another, whether aiming to sell directly to consumers or only to get their brand out there. Without a doubt, quality websites are essential for most businesses, what is not as well known is that its share of the overall online usage is in decline! More

The Evolution of SEO
To have a complete understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), one must look at how it has evolved over the years and why. It has not been a traditional marketing approach solely based on market behavior or its changes alone. SEO deals with search engine algorithms with updates and changes on a regular basis, not just market trends. More


The Perils of Doorway Websites
Search engine optimization is aimed at implementing the most effective methods in order to beat competitors in any market space online. Using multiple domains for the purpose of re-directing traffic to the same page(s) are called doorway pages, (also called jump, domain entry, external gateway, portal, front-door and bridge pages). More

Website Integrity Maintenance
Now a days maintaining the integrity and reliability of your website is just as important as monitoring your credit. it's extremely vital for small business owners to regularly check the quality and content of any website bearing their logo, ensuring you're aware of what is actually being promoted to potential or existing customers. More

Harmful Common SEO Tactics
A business owner which relies on its website’s commerce will be barraged with plenty of Search Engine Optimization tactics promising to be beneficial, and a large number claiming to be essential to success. These tactics are not always beneficial as they seem, and in turn can signal to search engines in being just tricky old tactics to gain traffic. More

Competing in Santa Barbara
Internet marketing is highly competitive with new technological advancements playing a major role in development and success on a regular basis. More


Designing The Webpage Message
A website’s design can serve several purposes benefiting a small business when properly implemented. The message a website projects initially is though their design. More

Developing Successful Local Restaurant Websites
Creating a successful website which promotes a local restaurants has its dos and don’ts. Many of these dos and don’ts are not known by restaurant owners unfamiliar with the online market and promotion. More

Free Website Offers
Recently, there have been numerous ad campaigns claiming free websites, builders or hosting. How does a person get a free website? How can the company make money if the service is free? More

Banner Ads On Webpages
When you have a fully optimized website, you expect to get a certain amount of traffic and rank successfully on organic search engine result pages (SERPs). A website’s effective design and content can promote low bounce rates. More

New Product Launch Websites
Two of the most common concerns when launching a new product website is the cost and its effectiveness.
How much will it cost and how well will it work? More

The Cost of Building Your Own Website
Comparing the cost building your own website versus hiring a professional service. More

Questions To Ask When Looking For SEO Services
When it comes online visibility, such as in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) organic listings, search engine optimization is a root factor in determining the websites' ranking. 40% of all browsers online click on the first organic link listed in the search results. A truly simple business plan, that is sure to succeed. More

Putting Your Business Idea To Work With a Pilot Website
For every lucrative successful business idea, there are many individuals on the sidelines claiming 'that was my idea', 'I already thought of that', 'I came up with that a long time ago. The difference between the two is one individual executed on their idea the while others did not. More

Changes In The Web Market Affecting Small Shops and Businesses
Recently, we have seen changes in our financial and banking industry, housing market, economy and credit “un”-availability. The online market has experienced its own transition. Gone are the days where a business could get away with not having a professionally developed website. More

The Effect of E-Commerce On Santa Barbara's Small Businesses
Santa Barbara has a population of approximately 90,000 residents. It is also visited by a large number of tourists on weekends and holidays. The most common known retail market place for the city is State St., where many shops and restaurants are located and draw larger foot traffic. More

Google Indexing All Links In Their Browser
As we expected, Google has lately begun to crawl and index any URL in their chrome browser. This is also most likely occurring with Firefox. Therefore, we suggest strongly the use of the meta NOINDEX on any page that you don't want search engines to see. More


Our Updates

We keep track of all Google algorithm changes and anticipate all regular updates

Thanks to our experienced algorithm team and proven proprietary methods, we are able to monitor future updates and changes from Google and have our clients prepared well in advance. Our latest update was for Panda #25 on March 2013. We expect next major updates to occur on the ninth of June and will be a Multi-week rollout according to Matt Cutts head of the webspam team at Google. Please leave us your email address to receive new updates from our experienced algorithm team.