Creating Good Visitor Experience and User Analysis

All visitors to your website are not the same and the personal experiences can vary greatly.

Monitoring visitor patterns offer a well experienced web developer important feedback helping to plan crucial implementations as well as remove damaging or poor user experience content. It will reveal which content has been the most valuable to your visitors and which are being skipped or not even noticed. There can be a multitude of reasons from design to content management that is actively helping or hurting your return on investment. This is mostly apparent when a site has a good amount of traffic with a low conversion rate. Proper user analysis must be conducted by an experienced web designer and developer. Until recent years, this has only been afforded by companies online large enough to employ their own in-house designer and developer.


To proficiently analyze the content on your webpages, a developer must be familiar with the online user behavior and what marketing information their patterns are signaling. Why are your visitors landing on a particular page? How are your users reaching you? Are you targeting the right traffic? The information produced by the analysis may not appear to be essential to many smaller companies when trying to justify its cost, but, the opposite is true. The analysis will provide a crucial tool to an experienced web market designer and developer when producing content. This sets apart websites using generic SEO methods from custom professional SEO development while taking advantage of the analysis.

Creating User Interaction Sources on Your Website.

Having visitors making use of your site.

Implementing blogs, forums, Q/As, social network buttons, email news letter boxes, live chats, coupon validations and other methods of user interaction is one of the best methods in drastically lowering a high bounce rate. The bounce rate is how long a visitor stays on a particular webpage and site. A high bounce rate hurts your ranking as it signals poor visitor experience with brief visits. Good user experience is a priority to search engines and therefore regarded highly when determining ranking and placement of a website.


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Related Questions and Answers

Q: What is website maintenance in layman's terms?
by art
A: Website maintenance is the process of making sure all your content is current and functioning properly. A poorly maintained website can be promptly noticed by web crawlers and hurt your ranking in addition to its negative affects on user's experience. These can be mostly routine error checks, responding to visitor comments, posts, updating old text, tags, repairing malfunctioning feeds, social media, networking and others depending on the various types of content contained in webpages. Using software to help maintain your webpages can be a big help in some areas, but not as effective in others. Blogs and comments are good examples, not as urgent as repairing broken or discontinued links. Social networking portals your site is involved with requires upkeep also. Reports or statistics are just a couple of examples that can easily offer outdated data contained in your webpages. This data is periodically published and will contain dates. A visitor to your site can quickly see that the report is from past time periods. The visitor will in turn leave your webpage and website looking for newer data elsewhere. In addition, your bounce rates will increase further damaging your page rank. When the same content making up large parts of a webpage is crawled over and over, it signals search engines that your site has nothing new to offer its visitors. This is why some websites that are well made start off well and eventually drop along with the others. This is the reason why you will see sites with archived content pages. You must also keep an eye on your content's frequent usage. If a certain content is dropping in popularity, it may be that there is something better somewhere else, or that it just simply is not as beneficial to the user as it once was. The analytics give great hints when it comes to this aspect of website maintenance as you can see what your visitors are doing. This can be regarding your feeds also. If you have an incoming feed and your visitors are not clicking to see more, it is a hint that the feed or data is not interesting or engaging them. A high bounce rate is also a reliable indication, but does not pinpoint where the problem lies. These and other maintenance issues are not always addressed properly or at all. Certain maintenance issues can seem as if an advanced knowledge of web development is needed. This aspect can also contribute to poorly maintained websites or content that is not the latest, most relevant and beneficial. An individual trying to maintain a website while lacking web development skills will be deterred from what truly needs to be accomplished. Old content will be deleted, thereafter low quality, easy to implement content will take its place. If you are in a competitive market, this can easily damage your website's usefulness and ranking.
by admin

Q: How can I tell if my visitors are having a positive experience when on my site?
by dd
A: With proper monitoring you can see what your visitors are doing, which pages they're on the longest, your bounce rate, what they are using on your site in addition to posts and more. It takes more than simply looking at the data, you must realize why the bounce rate is higher from certain visitors, whether you are getting the right visitors coming to your site, are they engaged and find your site easy to use and more.
by admin

Q: How can search engines see my website's good user experience?
by dd
A: The bounce rate says plenty, but not everything. Looking at the entire web user's behavior is essential in a comprehensive approach to a successful analysis. This in turn will tell you which pages are performing well and why they appear under some search terms and not in others. Crawlers will be able to see which content on your site is being accessed, how many visitors have included your site in their favorites, number of posts from visitors, which pages are regularly being accessed after the initial landing page and more.
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